Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Player Profile: 'I'm coming home,' Javi Bautista returns to DCFC

After taking a day off from announcing talent, Detroit City FC took to Twitter once again to reveal the return of a player that has become a fan favorite in the one season in which he graced the field for Le Rouge.

 Javi "Bautista" Ramirez was announced as a returner to the DCFC fold, and the announcement put supporters in an up-roar on Twitter. Photos and videos of Bautista flooded the For the Love of Fútbol timeline, all with love for the midfielder. 

Bautista hails from Hidalgo, Mexico but plays his collegiate soccer at Ashford University where he has accumulated quite the accolades. 

In 80 appearances for the Saints, Bautista has registered 33 goals and 24 assists for a total of 90 points over a span of three seasons. 

Before succumbing to injury, Bautista featured in four games for Le Rouge last season, including scoring the game winner against the Michigan Stars in the regular season finale. 

"Honestly, I am just grateful for the opportunity to go back [to Detroit City FC]," Bautista told FTLOF. "Because of the the injury last season, I wasn't able to give as much as I could. 

"I think with a full season, I can contribute a lot more than I did last year."

Supporters and coaches alike seem to think that Bautista can contribute to the Le Rouge cause, as well.

DCFC coach Ben Pirmann told DCFC's Twitter that "his speed and work ethic will help continue to bolster our attack." 

Bautista believes the same as Pirmann. 

"I think my speed is one of the best parts of my game," he said. "When I am on the ball, I'm just as fast as without it.

"Hopefully I get to show that part of my game this season."

And once again, the supporter culture was an aspect of the environment that Detroit City FC possesses in which brought Bautista back to the club. 

"It's hard to put into words. I don't think they [the supporters] realize how much we [players] appreciate them," he said. "How they talk about us players, we do the same. 

"When people ask me about Detroit, one of the first things I mention is the fans. I show them pictures and videos. 

"It's one thing to talk about, but it's unreal to be playing in front of them," Bautista said. "They help create the atmosphere that makes Detroit City FC unique."

Bautista was so excited to return to the DCFC squad that he personally took to Twitter to announce his arrival. He then portrayed that same excitement to FTLOF. 

"I honestly feel like I'm coming home."

That should warm the heart of any Detroit City FC fan. 

*Photo courtesy of Detroit City FC

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