Sunday, April 10, 2016

Player Profile: Robbie Beckwell

Last week, Detroit City FC finally put supporters minds at ease when it revealed the signing out Evan Louro as the first goalkeeper to man the Le Rouge net in the 2016 season.

On Saturday, the DCFC brass announced its second 'keeper to fans via its Twitter page. The announcement was made ahead of a men's soccer showcase at Ultimate Soccer Arenas that featured a handful of new City talent. 

One of those players featured in the showcase was newly announced 'keeper Robbie Beckwell.

Beckwell, a goalkeeper for the University of Detroit Mercy Titans, is a junior in collegiate play but has seen very limited time in the Titans cage. 

Redshirted as a freshman, Beckwell started two games in the 2014 season and played a total of 220 minutes. The following season, the 'keeper saw two more starts for the Titans and earned his first and second career shutouts in the season. 

Prior to his collegiate career, Beckwell played in net for the CSA Wolves Academy. A Michigan-native, the 'keeper helped lead the Wolves to the USSDA finals by coming off of the bench to save two in a penalty shootout.

Going into the 2016 NPSL season, Beckwell has a tough road ahead of him in order to earn the starting spot for Le Rouge, seeing as Evan Louro of the University of Michigan has been penned by many to be the starting 'keeper.

"Evan [Louro] is a very good goalkeeper. He has had much more college experience than me and has had experience at the national team level," Beckwell told FTLOF. "I have to work hard at practice and when I do get time in games, I have to make the most of it."

Beckwell knows that the starting job is going to be hard to come by, so he's using his time on the City roster to develop skills that can help him later in his career.

"I'm most excited for the training environment," he said. "There are a few things that I want to work on to improve my game and I think City gives me the best opportunity to work on those."

Although, Beckwell believes that he does possess a skill-set that can help City immediately, but realizes that he may have to work harder to get to use those skills in net.

"I think shot-stopping is my biggest strength," he said. "But being a shorter goalie, I've always had to work harder than everyone. But that hard work is what has got me to where I am in my career."

But of course, the soccer isn't the only reason that Beckwell has decided to spend his summer in Detroit.

"I can't leave out the fans," Beckwell said. "Being at UDM, we do not get many people to our games. So, playing in front of very passionate fans is something to look forward to."

It seems as if Beckwell wasn't pegged by City coach Ben Pirmann to just "fill out" the roster, and is actually quite qualified for the role.

"My assistant coach Spencer Pappas told me that [City coach Ben] Pirmann was interested in me playing this summer," he said. "Everyone wants to play where they are wanted.

"But it's really all about development for me and I'm going to have to do all the right things this summer."

Beckwell definitely has a steep hill to climb, but he seems to be willing to work for any and all playing time he earns, which will do nothing but please DCFC supporters.

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