About FTLOF:

For the Love of Fútbol is a Detroit and Ann Arbor based soccer blog-site dedicated to the coverage and growth of the semi-professional soccer market in both Detroit and Ann Arbor. Covering Detroit City FC, AFC Ann Arbor and other Great Lakes Conference NPSL clubs, FTLOF is dedicated to becoming the leading provider of semi-pro soccer news in the Great Lakes region.

Created before the 2016 NPSL season, FTLOF grew to popularity with supporters of the Great Lakes Conference, and has become a trusted leader in coverage of fourth-tier soccer in the Great Lakes region. FTLOF returns for the 2017 season to help grow and provide coverage for low-tier soccer fans.

FTLOF closed it's doors permanently in July of 2017 after an impressive run as the main coverage provider of the NPSL Midwest Region-Great Lakes Conference.

About Robert Sherman:

Creator and main contributor, Robert Sherman, is a published and experienced concert and sports photographer and sports writer. Sherman studied communications and journalism at Oakland University before transferring to Eastern Michigan University to study sports journalism. Sherman graduated from O.U. with a degree in history.

A former Assistant Sports Editor for the Eastern Echo; Sherman is a current music photographer for multiple publications and has a history in covering sports as a writer and photographer for Downriver publication, the News Herald.

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